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Masteel’s management and employees acknowledge their key role in building a sustainable and reputable business through strong corporate governance.  All employees at Masteel must abide by our Code of Conduct and Code of  Ethics in upholding the company’s reputation. The Codes outlined the principles, standards, and norms of behaviour expected by all employees, including the Board of Directors and Management. Masteel stressed transparency and accountability as the key to establishing stakeholder trust and strengthening the Masteel community to work with integrity. All the information is supplied to all staff during onboarding and publically available on our corporate website.

Privacy and Data Protection

Masteel’s practices and fully committed to safeguarding and protecting the personal data of both employees and customers. Our Personal Data Protection Policy clearly outlined the range of personal data that can be obtained from our staff, how the Group can use this data, and who is the contact point should any employees have any concerns about their personal data and its use. This policy is part of the Employee Handbook, spelled out in two languages (Bahasa Inggeris and Bahasa Melayu).

In addition, Information Technology Policy is also clearly outlined in the Employee Handbook, which covers the handling of the Group’s IT systems that protect the personal data of our employees, customers, and partners.  This policy includes the procedure to safeguard the security of computer workstations and portable devices that encompass lock screens, strong passwords, and antivirus software. All employees are reminded to abide by the restrictions outlined in the Policy to safeguard the cybersecurity of the Group’s systems.