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In FY2023, Masteel experienced a growth in total workforce, increasing from 821 employees in FY2022 to 1005 employees. This expansion was attributed to improvements in our operational scale. The workforce composition comprised 406 local employees, constituting 40.39%, and 599 non-local employees, accounting for 59.61%. Out of the total workforce, 62.79% or 631 employees are on contract, while the remaining 37.21%, amounting to 374 employees, hold permanent positions. We currently have no employees (0.00%) with disabilities in 2023, but we maintain a strict non-discrimination policy in hiring individuals with disabilities. Our commitment to supporting local talent remains steadfast, with a focus on hiring underprivileged groups and unemployed youths to stimulate the local economy and foster stronger communities. We are committed to inclusive employee development, prioritising professional growth across all backgrounds regardless of nationality, gender, religion, or race to ensure peak team performance and maintain the highest quality standards.

The workforce composition within the Group is predominantly male, with 934 male employees, constituting 92.94%, and 71 female employees, accounting for 7.06%. This distribution is primarily a result of the nature of Masteel’s business, which involves steel manufacturing and necessitates intense physical labor within a factory setting. Our recruitment policies strictly follow our Human Rights policy, which prohibits any form of gender discrimination, ensuring a welcoming and inclusive environment for individuals of all genders.

At Masteel, the majority of employees, 55.62%, are aged between 30 and 50 years old, while those under 30 make up 30.25%. Approximately 14.13% are over 50 years old. Non-executive roles, reflecting the labor-intensive nature of our operations, comprise 78.41% of the workforce.

In FY2023, Masteel hired 320 new employees (302 males, 18 females) and saw 136 employees turnover (13.53%) comprising of 3 management, 34 executives and 99 non-executives, indicating a rise in new hires and a decline in turnover from the previous years. This trend underscores Masteel’s commitment to a healthy work environment, equal opportunities, and employee rights protection as per company policies.

During FY2023, a total of 28 employees availed parental leave, and notably, all 28 successfully returned to work upon the completion of their leave. Similarly, in FY2022, 16 employees took parental leave, and all of them not only returned to work but also retained their employment with Masteel for the subsequent 12 months. This consistent trend underscores the robust support and benefits offered by Masteel to its employees. The company’s commitment to facilitating a healthy work-life balance and providing comprehensive support during significant life events contributes to a positive environment. This positive outlook not only reflects Masteel’s dedication to the well-being of its workforce but also plays a pivotal role in talent retention. By nurturing a supportive and inclusive workplace, Masteel positions itself to sustain growth by retaining its valuable talents. 

To ensure the retention of our talented employees, we prioritise fostering their personal development and skills by consistently offering a diverse range of technical, non-technical, and compliance training workshops. Below is a summary of the training and workshops held during FY2023:

On 9th – 10th September 2023, we organised a Group Teambuilding event at Thistle Port Dickson, attended by 31 participants, including senior management and managerial staff. The program aimed to enhance camaraderie, ignite a spirit of achievement, improve communication, foster trust, and boost employee morale and engagement levels. It focused on creating a collaborative work environment, emphasizing teamwork and shared goals within the organisation.

In FY 2023, our average training hours per employee decreased to 8.96 hours, which is attributed to company expansion and increased hiring. In addition, we are actively improving the quality of our training programs by streamlining sessions through a comprehensive curriculum review and identifying redundancies and inefficiencies. This has led to the development of targeted modules addressing specific learning objectives and skill needs. Focusing on high-impact training ensures maximum value for both employees and the organisation, optimising resources and adapting quickly to evolving business needs and industry trends. Despite a reduction in the average training hours per employee, the Group increased its investment in training to approximately RM105,321.50 in FY2023, up from RM83,107.50 in FY2022, marking a 26.7% rise. By placing a premium on quality over quantity, we remain unwavering in our commitment to support continuous workforce growth, thereby contributing to the long-term sustainability and success of our organisation.

ESG Training and Engagement Session with Employees

In alignment with our sustainability commitment, we have taken a proactive step by organising ESG training as part of our engagement session with our internal employees. This initiative aims to ensure that our workforce is well-versed in sustainability concepts and understands their crucial role in contributing to our ongoing sustainability journey.

Conducted on 14th December 2023, at Petaling Jaya Plant, the training, titled “Charting the Path: Navigating the Masteel ESG Journey,” drew the participation of 23 employees, including senior and middle management staff.

The primary objective of this training is to empower all Head of Departments (HODs) and Managers with a profound understanding of the significance of ESG practices and their direct impact on the sustainability of the company’s business and future growth. Participants are expected to actively integrate ESG principles into their daily departmental operations, contributing to the company’s overall sustainability goals. This training is a crucial step in building a sustainable culture within our organisation.

Talent Recruitment Initiatives

In our dedication to nurturing talent and bolstering organizational capabilities, Masteel has made a significant stride in recruiting young talents by forging partnerships with local universities. In FY2023, Masteel solidified two pivotal Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) agreements with prominent academic institutions. These MOUs serve as foundational pillars for fostering robust collaboration between the industry and academia.

The essence of these agreements lies in the mutual commitment to talent development and knowledge exchange. Masteel recognises the invaluable potential within the academic community, particularly among young, emerging talents. Through these strategic partnerships, Masteel aims to harness this potential by providing avenues for students to gain practical insights, industry exposure, and hands-on experience within the organisation.

On 16th February 2023, Masteel entered into a strategic Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Xiamen University Malaysia, solidifying a collaborative commitment to advancing educational programs and training initiatives. This partnership aims to mutually develop and enrich specific fields, benefitting both entities. Additionally, the collaboration facilitates the identification of potential internship or industrial training projects. Masteel is committed to actively engaging in career and employment activities organised by Xiamen University. As part of this commitment, Masteel participated in Xiamen University’s career fair on 29th November 2023, where our talent acquisition team successfully connected with the university’s talent pool and fresh graduates.

The MOU was signed on 7th November 2023, at the Sungai Long Campus.  This agreement outlines the collaboration between Masteel and UTAR, aiming to:

  • Foster the exchange of ideas and
  • Establish the framework for mutual visits to improve curriculum development
  • Cultivate long-term collaboration to promote student
  • Provide employment opportunities for UTAR

Together, Masteel and UTAR are committed to enhancing educational experiences and facilitating career pathways for students.

On 7th December 2023, a meeting was convened to discuss the potential for establishing a long-term collaboration. Masteel expressed its intention to investigate the feasibility of forming a synergistic partnership with UniKL. The goal is to create internships and career advancement opportunities for graduates who have completed Higher Technical and Vocational Education and Training (HTVET) programs. This initiative aims to leverage the strengths of both organisations to provide valuable learning experiences and employment prospects for HTVET graduates, contributing to their professional development and the growth of industries requiring technical expertise.