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At Masteel, the safety and well-being of our employees are paramount, guiding every decision we make and action we undertake. Recognising the critical importance of workplace safety, we have dedicated ourselves to maintaining rigorous occupational health and safety standards, ensuring that the protection of our workforce remains our foremost priority. In our relentless pursuit of excellence in safety, we have crafted a comprehensive Occupational Health and Safety (“OH&S”) Policy. This policy serves as a cornerstone of our Group’s commitment, offering a structured approach for both management and employees to cultivate a consistently safe working environment. Furthermore, the OH&S Policy includes third-party contractors and service providers at Masteel, requiring them to undergo a safety briefing before beginning work at our facilities.

Thus, OH&S is a critical pillar within the sustainability framework that the Board and Senior Management at Masteel championed. This commitment is underscored by the regular review of performance metrics, incident reports, and pertinent information related to workplace safety. This data is diligently presented to management, who then review it to identify and implement necessary or corrective measures to our existing OH&S management strategies. Each of our operational sites boasts a dedicated Safety and Health Committee. These committees play a pivotal role in our safety governance structure and are led by individuals holding the position of Senior Vice President or Vice President. The committee convenes on a quarterly basis to evaluate and communicate updates on OH&S issues to the management. Under the vigilant oversight of Ms. Shirley Ng, who serves as the Executive Director on the Board, these committees exemplify our proactive stance on workplace safety and health.

When issues remain unresolved at the Safety and Health Committee level, Ms. Shirley Ng takes the initiative to escalate these matters for discussion at the Board of Directors (“BOD”) meetings. This escalation process ensures that all concerns receive the highest scrutiny and action, reflecting Masteel’s unwavering commitment to workplace safety. The structure of the Masteel’s Safety and Health Committee is as below: 

Our OH&S Policy and management system, demonstrating our commitment to workplace safety, has secured OHSAS 18001/ISO 45001 certification for our Petaling Jaya and Bukit Raja facilities since 2022. Similarly, in 2023, this certificate has covered 100% of Masteel’s steel making and manufacturing facilities. We conduct regular internal and external audits across all divisions to meet ISO 45001’s rigorous standards, showcasing our commitment to exceeding industry norms in health and safety, and ensuring a safe workplace for our team.

Our Safety and Health goals are specifically defined within the ISO 45001 targets, which are integral to our policies for the Bukit Raja and Petaling Jaya plants. The table below outlines the targets set for FY2023.

Aligned with our Safety and Health Objectives under ISO 45001 standards, Masteel aims to establish long-term goals for the period of 2024 to 2028.  Our objective is to consistently enhance safety measures, control risks, and prevent workplace accidents. The set annual targets for this five-year span are as follows:

  1. To achieve more than 8,000 operating hours without plant shut down due to injury and accident.
  2. Zero fatality case.
  3. Zero compound from authorities on safety-related issues.
  4. To ensure 100% of new employees received safety and health induction training for all new employees within 2 days from the date of reporting to work.
  5. To achieve at least 95% participation of the Safety and Health Committee Meeting.

The safety and health team at Masteel has undertaken comprehensive risk assessments across all current operations and future or possible projects. These assessments were conducted using the Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment, and Risk Control (“HIRARC”) process to evaluate physical hazards in the workplace. To date, the HIRARC methodology has been utilized in Masteel’s operational settings, notably within production units such as the Electric Arc Furnace (“EAF”) and Induction Furnace (“IF”), as well as in preparations for imminent or potential ventures, including the High-Speed Bar Project which will be commenced soon. We ensure comprehensive coverage for all our employees under our OH&S management system, including enrollment in the social security fund (“SOCSO”) and group personal accident insurance (“GPA”).

We’ve implemented a safety-focused key performance indicator (“KPI”) to affirm our commitment and ensure accountability, targeting fewer than three accidents per year. This KPI underscores our dedication to risk reduction and employee safety, fostering a culture of collective responsibility and active participation in our safety initiatives.

In FY2023, Masteel tallied a total 2,729,872 of working hours. During this period, we observed a significant improvement in our safety record, registering only one injury. An injured employee hurt his index finger with a hammer while tightening a screw using a spanner. To address this injury, immediate steps were implemented, including (i) providing refresher training on the safe handling of hand tools to all individuals, (ii) informing all plant employees about the accident, and emphasise the importance of safety measures with hand tools and (iii) update and discuss the revised Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment, and Risk Control (HIRARC) with supervisors and plant workers. This represents a significant reduction from the previous year, which saw four injuries. This achievement highlights our commitment to improving workplace safety and demonstrates the effectiveness of our health and safety initiatives. Our focus on risk assessment, safety training, and preventive measures has been crucial in this progress, and we remain dedicated to further reducing workplace injuries. We actively collaborate with both internal and external stakeholders to provide tailored safety and health training for our employees. In FY2023, 627 employees received training in diverse health and safety practices and standards. These programs are carefully crafted to cover a broad spectrum of topics, equipping employees with the skills to identify, prevent, and manage workplace safety and health risks. Here’s a summary of the training sessions offered at our Bukit Raja and Petaling Jaya locations.

Additionally, Masteel has taken proactive steps by establishing a dedicated emergency response team, complemented by the creation of multiple comprehensive emergency plans. These measures are designed to ensure rapid and effective responses to potential crises, thereby safeguarding employees, assets, and operations. The development of these three emergency plans involves meticulous planning and scenario analysis to cover a broad spectrum of possible emergencies within our operations.

Our approach to safety is holistic, understanding that a safe working environment is the sum of many parts. It encompasses not only the physical safety measures in place but also the psychological well-being of our staff, ensuring that everyone feels secure, valued, and supported at all times. Through our comprehensive OH&S Policy, ongoing safety initiatives, and the establishment of clear, measurable goals, we at Masteel are forging a path toward a safer, healthier, and more productive workplace for all our employees.