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We at Masteel consistently aim to deliver our very best performance value to our customers while valuing each of our employees and the local community. We continuously strive to be a socially responsible business by practising responsible employment practices and productive community engagement. We want our people to be proud of being part of the Masteel family.

Occupational Health and Safety

We always implement stringent occupational health and safety measures to protect our employees, which is always the absolute top priority at Masteel.  We are committed to continuously improving and providing our employees with a conducive and safe workplace. Thus, we have developed an Occupational Safety and Health (“OH&S”) Policy as part of the Group enforcement initiative to assist the management and employee in providing a safe working environment at all times. To strengthen the implementation, we set an annual safety-related key performance indicator (“KPI”) of fewer than three accidents per year. In FY2022, we have not achieved our annual target, with 5 accidents recorded.

We are guided by our OH&S Policy together with the OH&S management system. The comprehensive policy and management system enables us to be certified under ISO45001 (Occupational Health and Safety Management). To ensure it continuously aligns with the certification criteria, each division is subject to internal and external audits.

The Safety and Health Committee is responsible for overseeing the good implementation of the OH&S management system. This committee consists of both employer and employee with a dedicated safety and health officer and lead by a senior manager as the chairperson. The committee meets quarterly to review and report the update to the management on OH&S matters.

The OH&S Policy also applies to Masteel third-party contractors and any service providers via a safety briefing prior to any commencement of work at our plants.

Masteel is aware of the various inherent safety risks and hazards in the steel manufacturing industry, especially in the presence of extreme heat and heavy machinery. Therefore, we implemented Hazard Identification, Risk Management, Risk Control (“HIRARC”) system with the aim to minimise any potential risk and accident to occur. HIRARC is a system for safe observation reporting that includes stopping work orders, unsafe acts, and unsafe condition reporting. We ensure that all of our employees are covered by our OH&S management system, the social security fund (“SOCSO”), and the group personal accident (“GPA”).

In FY2022, we recorded a total of 8760 working hours, and unfortunately, it recorded four injuries with one fatality despite the stringent safety enforcement being implemented within the Group. Masteel takes this safety incident seriously by conducting a detailed investigation into the root cause and taking immediate mitigation steps to prevent similar incidents. To the investigation, the fatality incident happened when the billet accidentally hit the worker while transporting it to the rejected billet area. This incident was reported to the Department of Safety and Health (“DOSH”), and the five officers were investigated. Masteel immediately reviewed our Safe Working Procedures and updated the HIRARC by extending the reject billet cutting area to 12m in length. In addition, we revamped the orientation of servicing the tundish to ensure the worker is away from the billet transfer area. The Safety Department and External Trainer conducted additional internal and external Crane Safety Training.

Thus, Masteel takes the immediate mitigation step to provide additional safety training and stringent the safety operating procedure at the workplace. In addition, we have established an emergency response team together with several emergency plans as below.

During this reporting period, we actively conducted safety-related training and workshop for 451 of our employees in both the Bukit Raja and Petaling Jaya plants to cultivate a responsible and safe working environment for all. The key health and safety training and workshop conducted in FY2022 are listed in the following table.

Pictured: Masteel employees participate in fire-fighting and first-aid training sessions