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Corporate Social Responsibility

At Masteel, we actively engaged and contributed back to society through our Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) programme. In this reporting period, we have invested RM85,000.00 in social programmes. We continuously focus on our CSR programme to improve the quality of life for the communities close to our area of operations. One of our key support is the Ti-Ratana Foundation where this organisation focuses on child and women support, senior citizens, and healthcare programs.

In addition, we contributed to the Malaysian Nature Society in support of the society’s vision and mission of protecting, managing, and conserving natural heritage and rich biological diversity as part of environmental education.  Masteel also emphasises the importance of quality education as part of the SDGs goals by contributing to the Royal Malaysia Police College Kuala Lumpur. We supported the college’s construction of a green landscape to support a green environment. A total of 10 Masteel employees were involved in this project, in particular the landscape design and planning, which had a positive impact on 1100 staff and students at the college. In total Masteel employees contributed 36 hours in this project.

In FY2022, we have made an additional effort by achieving approximately 800 hours of CSR programmes that involve our employees. Thus, Masteel maintains a steadfast commitment in setting an annual internal target for a collective minimum of 800 hours of CSR programmes to be undertaken by our entire workforce. This is to cultivate a sense of responsibility among our employees toward the local communities.

Masteel Green Initiative

Masteel, committed to ESG implementation, had introduced a green initiative by starting the hydroponic vertical farming system at the Bukit Raja plant. This green initiative is one of the many good ESG concepts being practised in the company. Hydroponic vertical farming is a soilless medium that only uses water to provide a rich and balanced vegetable-growing diet. Masteel utilises this green initiative to promote a sustainable and environmentally friendly approach to growing vegetables to reduce global greenhouse gases. In addition, this vertical farming helps to improve biodiversity because it does not cause any land surface disturbance.

Moreover, the crops from such farming methods will be able to eliminate the need for pesticides and produce healthier vegetables. Furthermore, this hydroponic concept can use far less water and be recycled. Thus, it is virtually no water wasted in this system.

Such a farming system aligns with the company’s commitment to promoting and implementing ESG within the Masteel community. This green initiative, led us to dedicate approximately 920 hours to establish and nurture hydroponic farming at the Bukit Raja plant, involving a team of 20 employees who, on average, spend 4-5 hours per day to cultivate a total of 6048 pots with various types of vegetables over 6 months period from July 2022 to December 2022. Furthermore, through this initiative, Masteel is continuously promoting healthy eating habits among our staff as part of the company’s commitment to taking good care of the staff’s welfare. Therefore, all the vegetables harvested from this farming system are then distributed to 200 Masteel staff for free as part of Masteel’s corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Hydrophonic Vertical Farming