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Water Consumption

Water stands as an indispensable and renewable resource crucial for the well-being of the communities within which we operate. Recognising its communal significance, Masteel actively adopts a conscientious approach to water resource management throughout our operations. Our commitment to effective water resource stewardship is explicitly outlined in Masteel’s Water Conservation Policy.

In our recent assessment, a total water consumption of 302,363 m³ was recorded in FY2023. Notably, there was a significant reduction in overall water consumption from 314,935 m³ to 302,363 m³ compared to FY2022. This positive outcome is attributed to the successful installation of the rainwater harvesting system (“RHS”) at both the Bukit Raja and Petaling Jaya plants. Based on the Air Selangor Sustainability Report for FY2022, the carbon intensity for 1 m³ of billed water is 0.586 kgCO2. Consequently, our RHS initiative is estimated to prevent a total of 7.37 tCO2 emissions.

Implementing RHS throughout the company led to a significant decrease in water usage and helped achieve an overall reduction of 4% in water consumption for the fiscal year 2023, surpassing our set target of 2%. This technology holds particular significance as it helps alleviate the demand for freshwater, especially in regions facing water scarcity. To mitigate any impact on our daily operations due to potential water shortages, we consistently collaborate with our site workers to ensure effective water storage through the RHS. Furthermore, in alignment with the Masteel Water Conservation Policy, we are committed to educating our employees on water-saving practices. This initiative is part of our broader commitment to reducing raw water consumption and underscores the importance of our water management plan. By doing so, we actively participate in preserving this finite and precious resource.

Our primary water source is municipal water supplies, and we refrain from extracting water directly from natural bodies. The exception to this is our use of rainwater harvesting. The water we consume is primarily used for domestic purposes and to cool our operations. In addition, the wastewater we produce will undergo rigorous treatment and strict adherence to local regulations before being released into the environment.

Notably, Masteel has maintained an exemplary track record, recording zero incidents of non-compliance with water quality/quantity permits, standards and regulations over the years. This achievement is a testament to our rigorous monitoring systems and dedication to upholding environmental regulations, emphasising our commitment to sustainable and responsible water usage within our operations.