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Water Consumption

At Masteel, we have a clear objective of water management to balance the water demands of the production process with environmental protection and sustainability. This involves efficiently using water resources for various processes, minimising water waste and loss, treating and disposing wastewater in an environmentally responsible manner, reducing the risk of water-related impacts and emergencies, and continuously monitoring and improving water management practices to meet changing regulations and standards.

We have an ongoing target to reduce our overall water consumption by 5% from 2023 – 2027. In FY2022, we invested approximately RM200,000.00 to install a rainwater harvesting system (“RHS”) at the Petaling Jaya plant, which recorded a water-reduction of 50.5% in FY2022 compared to FY2021. RHS can reduce the demand for freshwater, a finite resource, particularly in regions with water scarcity. This helps in preserving this precious resource. As a result, we can save approximately 45.8% of our total water bill in FY2022. In addition, Masteel’s Water Conservation Policy, enforced in 2022, clearly outlined the mitigation steps for conserving water. This initiative also contributed to the positive and promising water-reduction recorded during this reporting period. Overall, Masteel recorded a decrease in the overall water consumption by 13.86% in FY2022 compared to FY2021.

As at the end of FY2022, Masteel recorded zero number of non-compliance with water quality/quantity permits, standards and regulations. Masteel will continuously commit to comply with all necessary standards and regulations.